The IoA’s EDI committee meets monthly to discuss division-centred EDI issues, the implementation of EDI interventions, as well as the fulfilment of the Athena Swan Gender Charter. Committee members also act as points of contact and representatives for their staff/student groups.

Dr Sonia Rey PlanellasDr. Sonia Rey PlanellasStaff member
Dr. Amina MossStaff member
 Dr. Monica BetancorStaff member
 Dr. Michael McGowanPost-doctoral representative
 Dr. Sean MonaghanStaff member
 Dr. Armin SturmSenior staff member
 Prof. Dave LittleSenior staff member
 Fiona MuirTechnical staff member
Graeme McWhinnieTechnical staff member
Amalia KrupandanPostgraduate research (PGR) representative
 Alexandra BulgakovaPostgraduate research (PGR) representative
Emma McDonaldPostgraduate research (PGR) representative

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